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Thoughts from the Pandemic Era 1/3

March 17 to June 17, 2020 – The longest quarter in my 49 year business and professional career. For 40 of those years I have been fascinated by and have built my career around helping client organizations to establish their definition of success (objectives, goals, willed future) and helping them to achieve their aspirations (key…

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Thoughts from the Pandemic Era 2/3

In early June I read a thought-provoking quote from Connor Brown of the Ottawa Senators hockey club. He stated “It’s hard to do planning if you don’t know what you’re planning for”. It’s hard to argue with this observation. It seems to sum up what I’ve been feeling for 14 weeks now. In the absence…

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Thoughts from the Pandemic Era 3/3

Connor Brown’s quote got me thinking. In these times of uncertainty and ambiguity, it’s more important than ever for organizations to define future success and to articulate various possible scenarios. In the short term should we be striving for significantly lesser financial objectives or greater financial objectives (e.g. the grocery chains)? Should we be setting…

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