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How does art meet science in management? 1/3

I have had the benefit of splitting my business advisory career learning the art and science of management. I initially learned the science of management in downtown Toronto’s major corporations and Ottawa’s government departments and agencies. The second half of my career has been spent working predominantly with mid-sized owner-managed businesses in Canada where management…

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How does art meet science in management? 2/3

I believe that every decision should start with the facts and analysis (the science) needed to represent a decision “backdrop”. You noticed I said “backdrop”. Because science isn’t always the answer (but often is). Sometimes “feel” trumps what the analysis produces.  However, feel without knowing the science of the decision can be dangerous. The truly…

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How does art meet science in management? 3/3

In what way has art and science blended in your own life, business or otherwise? Leave a comment with your answer below and thanks for reading! The next edition of Timbiz goes live Winter of 2018. -Tim Shaw, MSA Consulting.

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